Meet the leaders of Rockstar Nation!  Read their story and learn how they made it!


Michael & Patrick Maser

Senior Vice Presidents

Patrick's Background:
Merchandising Business Owner
Michael's Background: Car Salesman

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Jeff & Melissa Street

Platinum Regional Vice President

Five years prior to getting started, Jeff was introduced to ACN through a friend, Patrick Maser. The timing wasn't right, and instead of seizing the opportunity, Jeff chose to open a traditional business, which turned into 5 cell phone store locations in 3 states. On the outside he appeared successful, but the reality was he owned a business that really owned him. He was working 80-90 hours a week, his income was going down, yet the expenses continued to go up. Feeling frustrated, desperate and close to bankruptcy, Jeff was praying for an opportunity. At that moment, Patrick re-entered Jeff's life with the ACN opportunity at the perfect time.  Jeff immediately saw that there was a system in place, and with the combination of work ethic and coach-ability, he could create success. Five months into working ACN part time, Jeff was promoted to the position of Team Coordinator and by his sixth month he was able to get out of his traditional businesses. After 19 months, Jeff became a Regional Vice President. 


In March of 2012, Jeff met Melissa at a ACN presentation in Torrance, California. Melissa was an insurance agent at the time and loved what she did, but did not like the environment she was in. She knew there had to be a better way to enjoy what she does and make a living at the same time. After working her ACN business part time for 2 years and following the system, Melissa was promoted to Team Coordinator and as a 24th birthday gift to herself, she walked away from the insurance industry and never looked back.    


The ACN opportunity not only brought financial rewards for Jeff and Melissa, but it forced them to grow professionally and personally. It has allowed them to help many others create success for themselves and they're thankful and blessed to be part of such a unique opportunity. Jeff and Melissa attribute their success to the system, the incredible leadership and their work ethics. ACN has given them both the time freedom and financial success they've been looking for. In August of 2011, Jeff was featured in a 2 page spread in Success From Home Magazine. Today, Jeff and Melissa live on the sand in Newport Beach, California and is more excited than ever about their future with ACN. 


"Special skills or talent is not really important in finding success in network marketing. It's more so being sold out to a system and making personal sacrifices to bring a strong work ethic to the table. There is no ceiling and the sky is the limit for individuals that are willing to do these things." -Jeff Street, August 2011 edition of Success From Home Magazine-


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Michael & Jennifer Crowder

Platinum Regional Vice Presidents

As a traditional business owner, I was exchanging time for dollars, working long hours to provide a good living and the means for my wife to homeschool our three children. When we saw ACN, it was the opportunity for residual income that made sense for our family. “Do something one time, but get paid on it over and over” -- that is true financial freedom. I can see my family throughout the day, and enjoy time with them knowing the future just gets brighter. We love working together, helping our team build their businesses, showing them that it is possible to dream, again!

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Joe Goodyear

Platinum Regional Vice President

Joe's Background: Engineer & Business Owner

Before ACN, Joe was working full time as well as running his own company. Joe was putting in over 100 hrs a week and hardly had any time to spend with his family.

"I've always had the desire to do something great, I just couldn't find the right vehicle."

In 2008 Joe was introduced to ACN and Joe says he was skeptical at first because it was something new, but he felt it just looked too good to pass up! After only five months Joe was able to replace all of his other sources of income combined and now after just 3 years became a Regional Director.

"I owe all my success to ACN and the proven Rockstar system and I look forward to helping thousands of people live their dreams."

Today Joe enjoys not only being one of the top Regional Directors in ACN himself, but consistently helping develop leaders that become top producers and top money earners in their positions.

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Erik & Lindsey Ozimek

Regional Vice Presidents

Erik & Lindsey’s background: Soccer players & business owners

After college, both Erik & Lindsey pursued professional soccer careers. After just a few years, Erik’s playing days were numbered due to numerous injuries, leading him down a new path of teaching the game…His passion for kids and coaching evolved into owning & operating a soccer school. Lindsey continued on with her playing career, traveling the world as a member of the United States National Team. In April of 2008, a routine knee operation turned out to be anything but routine…experiencing some life threatening complications, Erik and Lindsey battled and beat this health challenge and begin to pray more diligently than ever before for a different track to run on… That blessing would come in September of 2009…ACN has absolutely changed every aspect of their lives. While they loved their soccer business, namely, the kids & families, in reality they knew the business owned them…They realized that the track they were on was never going to allow them to achieve anything significant: a lifestyle to do the things in life that matter most, be there for their family, to retire their parents, to help their Church, to get involved in the community… With each season, each year, they found themselves working harder, making less, and experiencing a perpetual level of stress, frustration, and concern. “With ACN, we are a part of the dream company! Everything is in place…the road map, the system, the infrastructure, the mission, the support and the mentors. For the first time in our lives, we are dreaming…Planning & mapping out our future – listing out who we can help, what we can do, where we can go. Pre ACN, we were focused on the next five minutes. As ACN Independent Business Owners, we now know that we are working hard on the right thing…Being in a business where it is all about having an attitude of servitude is a dream come true for us…Waking up everyday and being a part of helping someone else achieve their "why is a truly extraordinary feeling."

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Jeff Hocking

Regional Director

Prior to ACN, I was a Police Officer for 30 years but not able to retire. When I saw ACN I liked the fact that there was a simple system that I could plug into "spare time part time". After a short period of time I hit the Team Coordinator position and walked away from the Police Department. I am proud to say that I have helped hundreds of people since joining ACN and look forward to helping many, many more in the future. I could not have accomplished what I have without the #1 "Rockstar System" to follow ! 

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Regional Director

Philip was introduced to the ACN opportunity at a very young age. At 20 years old he had a burning desire to be great. He got involved in Real Estate and had some success. But quickly realized it just wasn’t for him. He wanted to help people. But the vehicle he was in, wasn't doing that. So he was always open to other opportunities, and when he came across ACN he fell in love with the concept of residual income. Doing something once and getting paid over and over again.

He always wanted to retire his parents and with ACN he saw the potential to do that. So he brought his work ethic to the table and was extremely coachable to the ACN system. And he was always working on himself to get better as a person and develop into a leader he needed to be for his team. Because of his drive, determination, and passion he has one of the fastest, and growing teams in all of ACN! And is the youngest Regional Director in the Rockstar Team! He is looking forward to promoting other people in his team to the top positions! And isn't stopping until he is a Circle of Champion Member and a Senior Vice President!


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Margaret & Scott Richardson

Regional Director

Margaret’s Background:  Homemaker and Volunteer 

Scott’s Background:  Real Estate and Business Owner 

Margaret spent her whole life as a volunteer working with charities and non-profits and being a stay-at-home mother with her two children.  When she saw ACN at age 54 it was a dream come true for her to become a business owner with a company that would allow her to support the nonprofits she was so passionate about and leave a huge legacy to her grandchildren, while helping others achieve their dreams. The commitment and integrity of her mentors, personal growth and the opportunity to build a business with her son have proven priceless! Having a world-class company like ACN and a proven system created the perfect environment to thrive and help others do the same.

“This business is fulfilling in many ways but the best part is helping others turn from despair to victory!”

Scott was a hunting and fishing guide, had a Real Estate business and owned a Construction Clean-Up company until the economy crashed in 2008 taking all of his businesses with it. When he saw ACN in 2010 a light bulb went off immediately because the business was 100% recession-proof! ACN allowed him the freedom to spend time with his wife and two children while building a massive global business with unlimited earning potential.  The best part was that in order to achieve his dreams he had to help lots of other people achieve theirs dream!  He focused on learning the proven system, working on himself and getting coaching from the absolute best mentors in this company.  Now he enjoys time freedom, financial freedom and paying it all forward.

“ACN is about creating a lifestyle for you and your family that most of the world will never experience.  This business has completely changed the future of my family and now I look forward to changing the lives of thousands of people in our team!”

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Paul & Dawn Pelletier

Regional Directors

Paul’s Background:  Owner of Construction Company, Real Estate Investor

Dawn’s Background: Corporate Executive at Fortune 100 Insurance Company

For over ten years, Paul Pelletier owned and operated a successful construction company building high-end homes throughout Connecticut.  In autumn of 2008, his business came to a halt due to the down economy.  After having worked for 16 months straight without a day off, he realized that he had become a slave to his business.  He found himself praying for “something that he could work with” when he and his wife Dawn were introduced to ACN.  The idea of making residual income on recession-proof, essential services that people need and use every day just made sense to him.  Although Dawn was skeptical when she first heard about ACN, she had a big reason “why” she was open to listening to a new opportunity.  After 25 years of working her way up the corporate ladder, Dawn found herself in a place where she had no time freedom, working 60-70 hours a week.  Her profession demanded so much time and attention that family life was almost non-existent.  Nothing means more to Paul and Dawn than to enjoy life with their two sons, Kyle and Alex, and help them achieve their dreams.  Paul and Dawn saw countless others having success with ACN’s amazing business model so they stepped in bringing their coachability and work ethic with them.  Following the system that #1 SVPs Michael and Patrick Maser created, Paul and Dawn became the first Team Coordinators and Regional Directors in the state of Connecticut.  Today, they are on the path to making all their dreams come true - being able to share and enjoy life with their boys, and give back to their family and church in a way they would have never imagined before.  ACN continues to be the answer to their prayers!

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Regional Vice President

Giash Ahmed`s background: Real Estate InvestorCommunity activist and Politician 

A couple of years ago someone asked me to join ACN but I was really busy campaigning for my Senate election. At that time I declined to join ACN. I was nominated from the Republican Party to run as a New York State Senator, Queens District 13. Out of 3 candidates I got the second position from the Senate election. It was a great achievement for me. Thelocal newspapers highlighted my election and wrote, Giash Ahmed (Rep) has the distinction of being the first Asian Muslim and Bangladeshi Immigrant to run for the New York State Senate. He is running for the State Senate from District13 on a Republican Party ticket, the first ever to have been awarded to an Asian Muslim." I also received Presidential Commemorative Print of Dan Kessler`s painting title “ Fala in FDR`s Oval Office” from President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton for his community activities. As a Real Estate investor and politician I maintained a very busy, healthy and profitable lifestyle. When the recession hit in late 2007, I almost lost everything and I saw my future getting dark with hopelessness. I had more than five hundred loan officers and real estate agents in my office. Everyone has since left. I moved from big 3000 square foot office to 200 square fooroom.

I remember my first and finest moment was July 5, 2013. I went to see the ACN business opportunity at SVP Mr. Michael Maser`s house. The brief presentation impacted my life forever. Without any hesitation I signed the contract of ACN. I had regrets and said I should have joined ACN a long time back during my election period.” With a lucrative compensation plan and innovative blueprint that has been established to capitalize on this once-in-a lifetime opportunity.ACN has created what I believe will be the most successful company ever in America and rest of the World. I believed thatthe Networking marketing is essential to growing a business. It`s an effective, low-cost marketing method for developing sales opportunities and contacts.

As a community activist and politician I know lots of people all over the Country. I decided to work and take it very seriously. After joining with ACN, I promoted to Regional Director in 73 days. Anyone who follows the ACN`s training and presentations will have success. I am working part time but getting paid more than fulltime. 

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Eric Roy

Regional Director

Eric says he always knew he was going to become wealthy. It took Eric a while in life to realize how to become successful. Prior to ACN Eric was a construction consultant in corporate America and he enjoyed what he was doing. Eric met Senior Vice President Michael Maser, and Regional Vice President Courtney Borelli when he was introduced to ACN by one of his customers. Eric retired at age 27, just ten months after he first got started in ACN. Eric describes ACN as a ‘Plan B’ initially but says it quickly became a ‘Plan A’. In Eric’s first full year as a Team Coordinator he enjoyed being #2 globally in the Team Coordinator position. Eric was selected by ACN to be a guest judge on the NBC television show, the Celebrity Apprentice.

Eric says more than the money he has enjoyed the time freedom ACN has given his family. He say’s being able to raise his kids, seven year old Justin and three year old Luke, with his wife Kathy has been truly amazing.

Today Eric is more excited that he was when he got started. Today he’s a Regional Director and soon to be a Regional Vice President all thanks to helping many other people achieve financial success.

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Adam Brevoort

Regional Director

In 2010 I was invited to take a look at ACN from an acquaintance of mine. I was extremely busy running a business I had started 8 year earlier. I owned a high end electronics and fabrication shop and was working all the time, and I thought that's the way it was going to be forever. The fluxuation of the economy kept me on my toes and my hands kept dipping into my own pockets to keep the business going.
I immediately fell in love with the concept of being paid on what I was already doing, being able to create massive leverage by sharing the opportunity to other like minded individuals, and ACN coming with simple instructions for me to follow. I didn't even imagine the possibilities it could open up, all the friendships I have been able to create and the ability to unleash my own and others potential.
I am beyond greatful for what this company has been able to do for me, and others. The mentors it has brought into my life, and the time and financial freedoms that ACN has created. I am no long concerned for the future, I am EXCITED about it!
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Ruman Reazul

Regional Vice President

First and foremost, I’m a family guy and a very proud husband and father of an 2 charming sons named Ramin & Tameem. They are my best friends and my world. I'm the only child of my beautiful parents. With a goal of retiring my parents I started the work force at a very early age. I was so young that I needed a special work permit to work.  My first job was at Taco Bell and I've since had many others jobs. For the past 14 years I have been a Real Estate Agent. In 2008, due to the economy the real estate industry declined. I faced finical hardship and it was a very difficult journey from 2008 tell 2013.


In July 2013 I was introduce to ACN from a very close friend. He shared this opportunity with me and I sighed up right way. I wanted to change my future for my family and myself for a better tomorrow. With in 43 days in ACN I was able to hit the position of Team Coordinator. After 79 days from that I was promoted to Regional Director. Since July 2013 it has been an amazing journey not only financially, but now I get to spend more time with my family and my kids. Each day I get to take my 2 sons to school, have lunch together and play a little PlayStation with them. Twice with in 5 months we took the kids to Disney World for a week. Due to ACN I'm able to enjoy financial and time freedom.


My goal is now to help my team and others like me, who are looking for an opportunity financially, to get the time back to spend with their love ones. I tell everyone that if I can do it anyone can!!! All you needed it's little dedication and a belief in yourself that you can do it.

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Rick Cordero's Background : President & Founder of PAVEMENT STAFFING INC. An Staffing Agency for the Entertainment Industry. With offices in New York, & California,


As a young kid Rick Cordero always had a burning desire for success. His first job at the age of 17 was in the mail room at Columbia Pictures. He quickly rose through the ranks and became one of the youngest executives in the industry. In 1998 he had an idea to open a Staffing Agency that recruits talent for the industry. Over the next 10years Pavement grew to become the Go To agency for the industry on a global scale. in 2009 the economy devastated the company and he had to close the California office and in 2013 he closed the New York office….It was a 911 with two kid approaching college.


Rick was introduced to the ACN opportunity in September 2013 and got very excited about building a Massive residual income based on people signing up for services that they were already using. Rick quickly saw this as a recession proof business. After going to his first National Convention in San Jose California, he was blown away by the vision that was cast for this company and Leadership the ROCKSTAR TEAM had in place.


Rick’s goals are to build a global business with TENS OF THOUSANDS OF CUSTOMERS that spans 25 countries and become SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT (CIRLE OF CHAMPIONS MEMBER)….PERIOD!!!! “OUR TEAM is just beginning this INCREDIBLE JOURNEY and we won’t stop until we CHANGE THOUSANDS OF LIVES.

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Mizanur Rahman

Senior Vice President

The dream for a good life was a dream of mine that has made me fly and that what I felt when I entered in the States in 2003. But, as soon as I landed, I realized, I don’t have education from here, my language is not English, I didn't have close ones to get a clue from. Me and my wife forgot about our dreams and could only think about passing somehow a day and a night only!

My first struggle was a restaurant job, and everyday of mine started with the anxiety for survival , and that ended with enormous stress at night. As a response to the call for a better life, I had to change and converted myself to a taxi-driver. I started to see some glimpse of light when I also started a small business very lately. However, everything I had that time made me happy,but, what I still missed is freedom, relaxation, and a calm and steady life with more rewards. I realized it more when I heard about ACN from my friend, Jewel, and that’s it! I felt, I got a single and hectic free path of life with full of rewards, money, and honor to walk through. I got some precious mentors, Michael Maser, & Patrick Maser, who are not only my business partners, now they are proved as some of my true admirers of my life! I also got to know Dr. Harsimran Singh through ACN, who has also been a great inspirer of mine!

Today, I feel the ultimate happiness, honor, and how close I am to my American Dream, that is what made me more determined to go forward, go with ACN!! Now I realize how amazing the way of making one’s life better, assisting others having better life and more fundamentally, moving professionally with an organization, like ACN...

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Regional Vice President

Background:  Teacher and Football coach

Growing up I always had a desire to do more with my Life. Football was my passion and I always had a dream along with a strong desire to play collegiately and professionally. I was able to have a very successful college career but my dreams of playing professionally were very short lived due to multiple injuries. When that ended I put my degree into place and realized that four years of education had me over worked and under payed. 


When I saw ACN it Just made since. I realized I was already on the paying side of this industry and ACN was going to allow me to re align myself and be on the get paid side of the services industry.  When I realized that, I saw true residual income for the first time in my life. I worked hard, plugged into a very simple yet powerful system, and  fast forward a hand full of months I replaced my salary as teacher and coach and today my reality is way better than dreams ever were. This opportunity has changed everything for my families future.

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Occupation: Pharmaceutical Professional /Traditional Business Owner

I came to United States in late 1995 for a better life and pursue my dreams. I had to do whatever it takes at the beginning to support my family until I found a job in a pharmaceutical company.  Even though I was doing well but because I believe that America is a country of opportunity and because of my entrepreneur mindset and strong desire to fulfill my dreams, I was always open and looking for other opportunities. At one point, I started traditional business but got adversely affected by Economic Downturns a few years later.  I was seriously looking for another source of income at that time. I strongly believe that ACN Business opportunity came to me as an “Answer to my Prayer”. I was introduced to ACN by one of my very good friend in May of 2013. I was already familiar with this concept and knew the power of Residual Income. I started building ACN business on a part time basis with a full time commitment and within a short month I started having a record breaking growth and success.” ACN has the simplest but yet most successful support system I have ever come across and it’s Compensation plan is second to none”.  The fact that you landed on this website and reading these testimonials tells me that you are someone open minded like me. I can very confidently tell you that “No matter where you came from or what your background is, ACN can be your vehicle to reach to your dreams if you are willing to follow the system, training and support provided by ACN.


"Therefore, I highly recommend you to take a very serious look into ACN business opportunity”.

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Muaaz’s Background: Database & Network Manager -- Real Estate Professional


            Being in the IT and Real Estate industry, I was doing ok financially. But looking at the ACN business, First and fore most I saw and opportunity where the income was residual in nature. The concept of Residual income was new to me but I absolutely loved it. Secondly I saw a business that I was able to build on part time spare time bases and long term not only it was going to take care of my finances but secure my family’s financial future. I got very excited. I took this business very seriously from day one. I didn’t think for a second that I had started a business with $499; I treated it as if I had just invested $499,000. I was new to marketing industry, I accepted that I would have to give it some time, go through the learning curve and the hard work that comes with establishing any successful business. Soon after hitting the coveted position of Team Coordinator, I was able to quit my previous professions and began working this business on full time bases. I believe with all my heart that MLM is the best industry and ACN is the best company, with the best leadership, the best COMP plan and the best support system and training. It does not matter what your background is or where you come from, with strong work ethic and coachability you can be successful in this business.  I am very optimistic about the future, I am going to the top and I am taking my team with me. 


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Jeremy Reid


Before seeing ACN, I was an Internet Sales Manager in a large car dealership in the Cleveland area. It was nothing out of the ordinary to work 60 to 70 hours per week. I made a decent living , but I was time broke. Never got to spend time with mine and Stine's children. We have a blended family of 5 children. Bayley 18, Joshua 16, Lukas 13, Aiden 9, and our little Princess Liv is 2. I was missing everything, and if that wasnt bad enough. Two Summers ago the home we were leasing burnt in a huge fire. We had renters insurance, but soon found out it only covered $5,000 in damages. From that point on we were financially broke, and time broke. Bad combination. Working 60 to 70 hours a week to not even be able to pay our bills. Then , a little over 22 months ago a good friend introduced us to the ACN opportunity. At first we got started just to make a little extra money, but a few weeks after getting started I went to my first convention. After seeing what I saw there, I decided this doesnt have to be Plan B, what if I really went after this opportunity ? It could be plan A ! I could leave the car business behind. 

Thats exactly what I did. Just 7 months after getting started, I replaced my income in the car business and walked away from it. We have now been a part of the ACN family for a little over 22 months and we have been promoted to the position of Regional Vice President ! Unbelievable, but true. Thank you to our amazing leaders and thank you ACN ! Life changed !
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Aydee Maria Irizarry

Regional Vice President

Aydee Maria Irizarry
Prior to ACN I had been in the direct selling industry for over 25 years. Began my career as a Nurse. I believed after working long hours there had to be a better way to raise my then 3 year old son. That is when a friend of mine asked me "Do you look at additional ways to earn income"? There and then is when I saw this amazing industry and found a coach and mentor and was able to walk away from nursing at the age of 27. For over now 30 years I have earned my living creating global organizations with several other companies in the industry until I found ACN in October of 2013 and decided this is my final home. As I tell others in the industry "I am not recruit-able"
Because of my ability to be coachable and teachable, I immediately plugged into the Rockstars proven system and was able to earn ETT, ETL, in under 2 weeks, TC 55 days, RD 5 months, RVP 23 months and excited on achieving the other 2 positions in a short period of time.
As a Woman, A Mother of 4, 3 biological and 1 foster child and now Grandmother of 5 beautiful granddaughters I have been able to overcome many personal and business obstacles but I believe they are  stepping stones to fulfilling Gods Purpose of empowering individuals to fulfill their Goals and Dreams.
I used to tell people early on in my career that someday I would be building a Global Empire with one of my children and that dream has come true as my daughter Angelique Pechaceck is running along side me now currently a TC but I know someday she will be one of my SVPs. Generational wealth has always been a burning desire and I clearly see that becoming a reality. Future generations will know why Grandmother fought so hard for financial and time freedom.
I believe I am just getting started and I know ACN is my company 4 life. 
My advice to you is "Plug into the system, remove the But word out of you vocabulary, attend all local, regional and International events and you too will someday be an SVP". You can do it!

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Michael Dellamonica Jr., Sr. & Ashley Prudente


Michael Dellamonica Senior has been in the kitchen cabinet business for 3 decades. Being very successful with 8 different stores, he was suddenly forced to close 7 of those stores in 2008. Over a 3 year span due to the economy. Mike Dellamonica Junior and his fiance Ashley Prudente were managers of traditional businesses, while Ashley was also pursuing her graduate degree. They had no time for each other or their families and started looking for a financial opportunity. That’s when Mike Senior gave them a call to come see a business opportunity with him. What they saw was an opportunity to build a business as a family and create financial and time freedom. That’s when the three of them made the decision to build this together and team MMA was officially born. Today they are Regional Directors with the company enjoying the personal development and financial success ACN has blessed them with. This opportunity is unparalleled to anything they’ve ever seen before. They are excited about theirs and their family’s future. “We are so grateful for Patrick and Mike Maser for putting together such an incredible system!”


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Joe & Rebecca Sena

Platinum Regional Vice Presidents

Joe's Background: Mortgage Broker
Rebecca's Background: Healthcare Marketing

When Joe and Rebecca Sena saw the ACN opportunity, the effects of a downturn economy had forced them to explore other career opportunities. When a friend introduced them to ACN, they realized that this was their way to supplement their income, and return to the lifestyle they once had. Thanks to recession-proof services, unlimited income potential, and a undeniable, simple system, they have not only supplemented their lost income, but exceeded it. "What we are most excited about is that we are able to spend time together as a family with our 4 kids. That is priceless. We feel blessed to be realizing our dreams, as we help others to do the same. ACN is a great opportunity, and the Wealth Institute system is the secret to immense success!"

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Md Nayeem


"As an accountant I never found in any calculation where I could be financially free, in my life ,doing what was doing. But I always believed I hadn’t got a chance to utilize my full potential, what I am capable of. I was looking for something where I can flourish myself with challenge and dignity. I found that platform in ACN. Now it's time to prove myself."

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Sharon Farnham

Regional Director

Sharon’s Background: Systems Engineer & Co-Owner/Manager of 2 Indoor Sports Facilities

Sharon and her husband, Jeff, were introduced to the ACN business in the fall of 2010. As a wife, mother of 3 and business owner - Sharon quickly saw the value of Residual Income and the ability to create additional revenue streams for her family.

With no background in Network Marketing, ACN became the vehicle and challenge to Make a Difference, not only for her family financially, but for others as well.

Working Part-time, Sharon hit the position of Team Coordinator in 4.5 months and achieved Presidents Club status shortly thereafter. She began opening up new markets in Philadelphia/New Jersey & Baltimore and took advantage of the explosion of Energy in those market areas. She was promoted to the position of Regional Director 12 months later.

Why ACN? “The Vision and Integrity of ACN’s leadership made this opportunity so attractive.” “The simplicity of the Maser’s ‘System’ made this opportunity possible and showed me a simple roadmap to success. The ACN family is incredible. The tireless work ethic, coaching and the desire to succeed from leaders like Erik and Lindsey Ozimek make this dream a reality for me and so many others.

Favorite Quote by Steve Jobs: “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me … Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful… that’s what matters to me.”

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Derrick and Taris Wilson

Regional Directors

Derrick Background: Retail Management
Taris Background: Mortgage Broker/ Manager in Banking Industry

After years of frustration in the workplace and personal relationships, a little over 2yrs ago Derrick and Taris were joined in Marriage. Derrick was already successful as a Team Coordinator in ACN and had built an organization with multiple leaders all over the country. However he felt like he had hit a wall with his business. Taris was introduced to ACN at an International Convention in San Diego in December 2008. She saw an opportunity for her to reach a level of success she once had experienced in a growing Real Estate Market, that unfortunately now began to take a nose dive. It began to get so bad she left the industry to go back to work in the banking industry as a manager in Investor Asset Management.

Here they were two individuals now looking to become a unified team both personally and professionally. Derrick and Taris were married on October 17,2009 and after returning from a National Convention in California in December 2010 discovered they were blessed to be pregnant with there first child. Makenzie Morgan Wilson was born on September 4th 2011. It was at this time perspectives changed and getting to RD and RVP became a priority. Having to go to daycare, or back to work were not the life we envisioned when we got married we always knew we wanted the blessing of being able to watch everyday of her growth and development without having to go punch a clock for someone else, and ACN has allowed that to happen for us.After a total commitment to the Rockstar System, Eight months after the birth of Makenzie Morgan Wilson, Derrick and Taris hit the Regional Director Position

The next stop on their journey RVP in 2012!!!

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Bryan Mulvany Jr. & Sr.

Regional Director

Prior to ACN Bryan Sr spent 30 years as an Executive in the IT industry.Bryan Jr was busy earning a Bachelor's and Master's Degree, serving as a High School Soccer Coach and working as a substitute teacher.
When Bryan Sr got the call to come take a look at ACN, he wasn't looking for other financial ventures. But after attending his first presentation he quickly decided that the opportunity was too great to pass up! Not only do these members of the Mulvany family own online stores, so do the other 5 members of the family! 
This father-son duo has always had a desire to give back to others. Thanks to the simplicity of the Wealth Institute system, they now have a vehicle to help anyone who shows up with a work ethic and a dream.
Both of the men feel there was divine intervention at work in helping them build their business to the level of President's Club and Regional Director. Along with divine intervention, comes the divine reminder that "To whom much is given, much is expected!"


These two are fired up about the future and can't wait to help thousands of people reach their goals within this incredible organization! 
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Shakawat Jewel

Regional Vice President

I came to the U.S. from Bangladesh in 2001 with no circle of friends or family, and really had to start from scratch. I thought that business ownership was the way to achieve the American dream and so started my first small business. It wasn't long before I realized that I didn't own my business but  business owned me. There was no time for my family and friends. My routine revolved around my business leaving me no time for the people I cared about. When the recession hit in late 2007, I lost all of my savings and found myself having to start from scratch all over again.

In July 2011, a Philadelphia police officer came to my store. He introduced himself to me and asked me a simple question Jewel, do you look at other ways to make money?”. My answer was “Absolutely”. With my savings gone, I was looking at everything and anything. When I saw the ACN opportunity video, it made one hundred percent sense to me. I had already tried product based marketing previously so when I saw this service based marketing business, it made complete sense to me. Here was a business that did not require you to change anybody’s buying habits. I jumped in right away and through a strong work ethic as well as being coachable I was able to achieve success. I was fortunate enough to get mentorship from the number 1 SVP’s in ACN: Patrick and Michael Maser who stayed with me through all of the ups and downs.

I am grateful that this opportunity came by and I owe my success to the ACN system as well as Patrick and Michael Maser. It’s allowed me to spend more time with my family. My goal is to help the others in my team achieve their ACN goals.

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